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Exact Match Domains SEO

Exact Match Domains SEO

In stark contrast to what you may have heard about the so called Google EMD update, exact match domains are still performing wonderfully, and are a vital part of optimized SEO.

When somebody mentions exact match domains in an SEO guide, you don’t need to Google the phrase to find an explanation for them, they are, exactly what they say on the tin.

The search engines may not like the way that exact match domains manage to dominate the results, and they may tweak their algorithms every now and then, but there is no denying, that exact match domains will always outrank  lesser domains, because searchers expect the website will hold the information they are searching for, it’s got the exact search term domain name, right?

Exact match domains are nothing new, and they very first domains to be snapped up, at the birth of the Internet, were the EMDN’s.

Value your exact match domains

All exact match domains hold their value, because they are irreplaceable, they are unique. Some have higher values than others, as they attract wider audiences, and have higher ticket sales.

As with any comodity, times of plenty yeild higher values, than hard times.

If your market has a higher commercial intent, then the value will be far higher, therefore, laptopcomputer dot com is worth a lot more than oaktree dot com.

Profitable markets for exact match domain names are pretty easy to identify, and any item that is sold on eBay, or Amazon is fair game, for a generic term.

As with all domain names, dot com is the most sought after, and, as such,, commands the highest value, followed by dot net, and dot org. The ones to watch, and my tip for the future are .pro domains, these are only available to professional people, and you may need to prove your credentials to qualify, the professional generic terms are obviously the best for your .pro domains.

Exact match domains can be single word, right up to any number of words, that fit within the domain registries limits, 63 characters, just be aware that anything over 4 words can begin to look spammy, and lose all natural SEO appeal, so we won’t be selling domains like http://thelongestlistofthelongeststuffatthelongestdomainnameatlonglast.com/ on these pages!

Natural exact match domains

These super domains are the true heroes of the domaining world.

They hold their value, and command high resale prices, but the real value is hidden, THEY GET CLICKS!

Naturals are all around you, and I’m certain that you will have clicked on many of them, when searching for more information on your favorite search engine.

If you want results, that will stay around, and always be in fashion, then grab yourself some natural exact match domains, and prosper.